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Structured To Optimize Engagement

Real Mentors Network uses in-depth mentoring research to help organizations provide the invaluable resource of mentoring to your talent. Access our network of professionals from across the globe to support your talent and learning development initiatives. Whether they are early career, underrepresented, or your most seasoned professionals, mentorship increases engagement, satisfaction, and retention while reducing attrition.

Real Insight, Real Structure

Streamlined For Progress

The Real Mentors Network streamlines access to mentoring and our algorithm de-biases the matching process by analyzing the profiles of mentors and mentees to create the ideal match. With structured guidance and mentoring resources, we help fine-tune the mentoring relationships to ensure a quality mentoring experience for your teams.


Empower Your Team to Be Their Best

Continuous growth and the development of personal mastery are essential to creating an organization where people are learning to work together at their best. 

Mentoring is one of many, but powerful and accessible tools, to help your team to be their best to innovate, collaborate, and excel.

Providing access to mentors and mentoring doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With a done-for-you program that saves time and cuts costs, your organization can offer mentoring that upskills your talent personally and professionally. When your talent advances in their career, it better prepares your organization for the future with talent ready to succeed.

Building Healthy and Inclusive Organizations

A record number of Millennials and Gen Z's are quitting or thinking of quitting. And attracting and retaining a diverse workforce is an ongoing challenge.
Mentoring is a proven strategy to help employees feel valued by their organization, and for increasing diversity and advancing inclusion.
Mentorships address systemic inequities that keep early career and underrepresented talent stuck, unfulfilled, and disenfranchised. Research has found that while most people think mentors are important only 37% of people currently have one. Why?
People report finding mentors difficult and organizations don’t always have the time and resources to build their own mentoring programs.

Real Mentors Network offers the resources and guidance needed to make mentoring an accessible development tool to help your  talent grow and your organization thrive.

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Made with Expertise from The Millennial’s Mentor

Tamara Thorpe, also known as the Millennials’ Mentor, has spent over a decade helping leaders and organizations address bias and discrimination, leveraging mentoring as a key strategy for organizations to foster a culture of belonging. 

Real Mentors Network was created out of Tamara’s mission to make mentorships more accessible and equitable. Tamara combines insights from the most recent research in mentoring to create safe spaces for experienced professionals to share knowledge and experiences. At a time when we are all adapting to an ever-changing work environment, leaders and organizations are needed in order to build high-quality connections and learn from one another. 

In addition to her work as a Consultant and Trainer, Tamara is a published researcher and host of a mentoring Podcast. She also hosts dynamic mentoring events for individuals and organizations. Sign up here to stay up to date on her upcoming events.

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